Year of Scripture – Days 248 – 249

Readings for 
Thursday, September 5: Ezekiel 21 – 22
Friday, September 6: Ezekiel 23 – 24

A few different times Ezekiel has probably made us uncomfortable as we read about the “prostitute.” Chapter 23 is full of those images as Oholah and Ohilibah as used to describe the nature of Samaria and Jerusalem. Neither has remained faithful in the eyes of God, and are called out for their promiscuous ways. Now we don’t like to think of the life of a prostitute. “Good Christians” as some would say, wouldn’t have anything to do with “those people,” yet I would challenge you on that. For who is it that Jesus spent his time with? Turning to the Gosples, we are reminded time and time again that Jesus associated with “tax collectors and sinners” many of whom may have been prostitutes. This is good news for us, for if Jesus came to save the least of these, then certainly we find redemption in his eyes as well.

However, let’s not get too self righteous! As Ezekiel speaks of Oholah and Oholibah, prostitutes symbolizing the depth of sin committed on behalf of Jerusalem and Samariah, I would dare say that you and I are prostitutes in our own way. Think of what we have squandered away. Think of what we have miss used and abused. Think of how we have mistreated ourselves, one another, and God’s good creation. Are we not guilty of being promiscuous with the gifts God has given us to treasure? Indeed we have! Maybe that it why we get so uncomfortable when hearing the word prostitute.

While we may hang our heads on that very thought, we can give thanks, that Jesus died for sinners such as you and I. We can give thanks that new life comes to all people, regardless of how promiscuous we may have be come. That is good news for us all!

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days: 
Saturday, September 7: Ezekiel 25 – 27
Sunday, September 8: Ezekiel 28 – 30
Monday, September 9: Ezekiel 31 – 33
Tuesday, September 10: Ezekiel 34 – 36

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