Year of Scripture – Days 238 & 239

Readings for: 
Monday, August 26: Jeremiah 49 – 50
Tuesday, August 27:  Jeremiah 50 – 52

Our reading through Jeremiah has come to a close! Thanks be to God for that!! I was honestly relieved when I finished the last few verses, although I will admit that I appreciated the historical narrative that was weaved into the last several chapters. For me, it helped to put everything in its historical context. Which leaves me a mental note . . . next time we do this, we are going to try and weave the story together. For example, we’ll read a part from Kings or Chronicles and then follow up with the appropriate \readings from one of the Prophets. But that’s next time . . .

One other quick note, did you notice how the demeanor toward Babylon changed? Many times throughout Jeremiah Babylon was praised for being the aggressor nation soon to purge Israel for their sins. Then, after the exile, a warning is given to Babylon that their destruction will soon be at hand. Why? Same answer we’ve seen before . . . not following the ways and will of God.

So we know the outcome, but we haven’t had all the dots yet connected. What is going to happen to God’s chosen people while in Exile? Lets read on to find out!!

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days: 
Wednesday, August 28: Lamentations 1 – 2
Thursday, August 29: Lamentations 3 – 5
Friday, August 30: Ezekiel 1 – 4
Saturday, August 31: Ezekiel 5 – 8

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