Year of Scripture – Day 231

Readings for: 
Monday, August 19:  Jeremiah 26 – 29

I turned to the Twibble for a good chuckle as we continue to journey through Jeremiah. Four chapters in just a few words, as written by Jana Riess:

Chapter 26: Jer receives a Mafia death threat for being such a party pooper. Jer: “Go ahead. Make. My. Day.” Freaked-out mob backs off.

Chapter 27: Bible politics Q: “Should we rebel against Babylon?” A: “Not if you value your city, temple, and necks.” Hindsight’s a . . . “

Chapter 28: Jer and Hananiah in death match! But don’t bet on Han here. No one ever profits from betting against a prophet.

Chapter 29: Jer to exiles: “Marry locals and enjoy the hanging gardens in Babylon, cause you’ll be there 70 years!” This advice is not popular.

Couldnt’ have seaid it better, so we’ll leave it at that for today.

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days: 
Tuesday, August 20:  Jeremiah 30 – 31
Wednesday, August 21: Jeremiah 32 – 34
Thursday, August 22: Jeremiah 35 – 37
Friday, August 23: Jeremiah 38 – 41

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