Year of Scripture – Past few Days

Readings for: 
Tuesday, August 13: Jeremiah 4 – 6
Wednesday, August 14: Jeremiah 7 – 9 
Thursday, August 15: Jeremiah 10 – 13
Friday, August 16: Jeremiah 14 – 17

While you were hopefully busy reading Jeremiah, Wendy and I took the boys on a quick end of the summer get away. Don’t worry, I kept up with my faithful reading, I just decided to put the blog away for a few days and enjoy some time with the family!

Together we ventured off to Canada’s Wonderland. Being roller coaster junkies, it was great, and I think we all may have a favorite new coaster . . . Leviathan. 306 feet, 92 mph, in the rain. What a rush! If you are into that kind of thing, I’d recommend it. Then on on our way home we made a day of Niagara Falls. I’m always fascinated by the Falls. A true display of God’s majesty and wonder on display, and living reminder for the over of abundance of grace poured out at baptism. Always a blessing.

So while I unpack and try to get organized for Sunday Worship, I’m going to leave you with and their explanation of Jeremiah. Hopefully it will help to explain some of the prophet’s words the dire message he seems to bring to the people of Jerusalem.

Readings for the next few days: 
Saturday, August 17:  Jeremiah 18 – 22  
Sunday, August 18: Jeremiah 23 – 25
Monday, August 19:  Jeremiah 26 – 29
Tuesday, August 20:  Jeremiah 30 – 31

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