Year of Scripture – Day 223

Readings for the next few days: 
Sunday, August 11: Isaiah 64 – 66

As Isaiah comes to a close, the Prophet revisits a theme that has been woven in and out of his writing, as we hear again of the potter and the clay vessel.

It is a humbling and fitting description for who / what we are. Molded by the hand of God. Fragile. Easily broken. While we may have lost sight of the significance of pottery and the connections that Isaiah is making to the people at that time, we still have a great apperiaciate for what is being said. For pottery is temperamental in nature. Mold it too fast, make the walls to thin, add too much water, bake it too long or too hot, drop it, miss treat it, and on the list could go. For any one of these items the pottery may will crack into shards that cannot be put back together.

If we treat a clay vessel with care and dignity . . . shouldn’t we do the same to one another? I believe that is the heart of what Isaiah is trying to remind us. For all of us are the miraculous work of God’s hands. All of us are unique and precious in God’s sight. All of us deserve the care, compassion, respect, and support of one another. So let us, in embody the same care the God has given to us through Christ, by treating one another as clay vessels, fragile, precious creations of God.

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days: 
Monday, August 12: Jeremiah 1 – 3
Tuesday, August 13: Jeremiah 4 – 6
Wednesday, August 14: Jeremiah 7 – 9
Thursday, August 15: Jeremiah 10 – 13

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