Year of Scripture – Day 214

Readings for the next few days: 
Friday, August 2: Isaiah 23 – 27

Picking up were we left off over our last few days, Isaiah has one more oracle for the nation of Tyre. Like the rest, doom and destruction is coming. However, as we shift to chapter 24, the wrath that has been forcasted for all the aggressor nations of Israel, now becomes a forcast of total Judgement and destruction for all the earth. Didn’t God promise Noah that wouldn’t happen again?? Well, yes, but God’s promise was not to flood the earth, so fire and brimstone is still an open option. Guess that means we all are all to live in fear until that day.

But not so fast . . . Even while destruction seems immanent according to Isaiah, there are two victory songs found in Chapter 25 and 26. Here is our reminder, for all the faithful, that with God there is still victory to be found for those who call upon God’s name. Like the nations surround Israel, all wicked things will come to an end, and in the end the upright with find full restoration with God.

Readings for the next few days: 
Saturday, August 3: Isaiah 28 – 30
Sunday, August 4: Isaiah 31 – 35
Monday, August 5: Isaiah 36 – 41
Tuesday, August 6: Isaiah 42 – 44

PS: I’m going to be attending the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in the coming week. I hope to keep up to date on my blog, however we have many long days of planning the mission, vision, and future of the church. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel, worship, reflect, and go about the business of the greater church.

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