Year of Scripture – Day 206

Readings for: 
Thursday, July 25: Ecclesiastes 5 – 8

Our reading through Ecclesiastes takes a bit of a darker turn. From the continual plea of everything being “meaningless” our teacher reminds us plainly of why everything is “meaningless.” And why would that be? Because we all die.

Death . . . it is the one guarantee that we all have in live. We all will face it. We all will experience it. Some sooner than others. Some more painful than others. Some long after we thought death would actually greet us. Regardless of time or place, death will come, making everything we experience in life “meaningless.”

While that may have been true for our teacher, I would challenge us to live life to the fullest. Every day is a gift, and is a opportunity to shape and impact the life of someone around us. For I heard a “proverb” once on the radio, wish I can remember who said it or what the context was but it was quiet powerful. It said something like this:

Death . . .
You actually die twice.
Once when your heart stops beating.
Once when people stop remembering who you were.

I pray that you might find enough meaning in your life, to change the lives of others, so that you may be remembered (for the right reasons) long after you first die.

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days: 
Friday, July 26: Ecclesiastes 9 – 12
Saturday, July 27: Song of Solomon
Sunday, July 28: Isaiah 1 – 4
Monday, July 29: Isaiah 5 – 8

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