Year of Scripture – Day 190

Readings for: 
Tuesday, July 9: Psalm 126 – 132

Psalm 126

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you won the lottery? It’s always a fun conversation in our house from time to time. New car, vacations, new home, etc. Then the bigger questions, would you keep working? Who would you donate to? The list of thoughts and questions could go on and on.

While Psalm 126 doesn’t win you the lottery, it asks for one thing, “restore our fortunes, O Lord.” (v. 4) In the days of Jerusalem’s decline and fall into the hands of the Assyrian’s and Babylonia’s, the beauty of Jerusalem was stripped away. What was something to hope for, the fortunes of the Lord!

Psalm 127

I’m sure you’ve seen the signs at people’s door, “God bless this house.” these words seem fitting with the first verse of Psalm 127: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” My God’s blessing be on your house!

Psalm 128

“Happy is everyone who fears the Lord.” We’ve heard this verse many times, yet Psalm 128 puts a different spin on it. In “fearing the Lord” we find that we are blessed. Those same blessings then pour our to our spouse, children, and all those whom we encounter. What a blessing to fear the Lord!

Psalm 129

Have you heard the phrase, “like a monkey on your back?” Here’s something similar, “The plowers plowed on my back; they made their furrows long.” (v. 3) Sounds agonizing, to have someone so entrenched in your life. This isn’t a good thing! Resbit is found as we move to verse 4. “The Lord is righteous; he has cut the cords of the wicked.” Indeed it is the Lord who removes those monkeys and plowers from our back!

Psalm 130

For all of you Luther fans, this Psalm should sound familiar: “Out of the depths, I cry to you.” Here at First, we use this as our opening litany as we sing this somewhat familiar hymn that Luther wrote nearly 500 years ago. The tune is a bit haunting, which seems fitting for making our plea from the “depths” of our transgressions. Here’s a rendition by JS Bach that you might enjoy:

Psalm 131

Here’s a short Psalm with a shorter summary . . . wean yourselves from material things so that you may rely on the Lord.”

Psalm 132

Psalm 132 reminds us of the blessings bestowed on David and his future generations if they remain faithful to God. (We all know how that ended!) The Psalmist also reminds us of the eternal greatness that only God can provide.

Readings for the next few days: 
Wednesday, July 10: Psalm 133 -139 
Thursday, July 11: Psalm 140 – 145 
Friday, July 12: Psalm 146 – 150
Saturday, July 13: Proverbs 1 – 3

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