Year of Scripture – Day 185

Readings for today:
Thursday, July 4: Psalm 106 – 107

Psalm 106

Just as Psalm 105 retells God’s work in the story of Israel, Psalm 106 is a retelling of the people of Israel and the sins they have committed. Despite the constant shortcomings that they had (and that we continue to have) the Psalmist reminds us that “many times he delivered them,” (v.43) and that God “showed compassion according to the abundance f is steadfast love.” (v. 45)

Psalm 107

Here we begin the fifth “book” within the Psalms as God gives deliverance in times of trouble. Trouble that comes to those who are:

  • living in the desert waste land
  • living in darkness and gloom
  • sick in their sin
  • on the sea in ships

No matter where you are in life, God “raises up the needed out of distress” (v. 41). Thanks be to God that God rescues us our of our distress!!

Readings for the next few days: 
Friday, July 5: Psalm 108 – 114 
Saturday, July 6: Psalm 115 – 118 
Sunday, July 7: Psalm 119
Monday, July 8: Psalm 120 – 125

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