Year of Scripture – Day 179

Readings for today:
Friday, June 28: Psalm 78 – 79

Psalm 78

What a bold message this Psalm sends, as the failure of the Tribe of Ephraim is called out. Not only that but to be called out by name!! Oh, how they have forgotten all the great things that you have done, the Psalmist cries out. And as promised, the Psalmist recites this Psalm like a “parable” (v.1) retelling the story of Israel from the parting of the Red Sea to living off of manna in the wilderness. If only, Ephraim would have taken part in the goodness of God!

Psalm 79

How often have you said, or heard, “if you do . . . then we will . . .” Here is a great example:

If you . . . lay waste to those who have destroyed Jerusalem . . .
Then we will . . . give thanks to you forever!

Readings for the next few days: 
Saturday, June 29: Psalm 80 – 85
Sunday, June 30: Psalm 86 – 89
Monday, July 1: Psalm 90 – 95
Tuesday, July 2: Psalm 96 – 102

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