Safely Back

Greetings friends and followers. Our family is back from a great week of travel. We created some wonderful memories together as we visited Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, and San Diego. What a joy to take in a part of God’s creation as we played, explored, and had fun together. Thanks for your prayers during our travel.

While we were gone, I kept up on my daily reading. I didn’t make too many notes, but I know I’ll have some thoughts to share. It might take me a bit, but I’ll get there, I promise. In the near future you can expect and update on Nehemiah, Esther, and then on to Job.

If you are reading along, I know our readings don’t match Job’s response to each of his friend’s petition. God willing, it is my hope to write my thoughts that way. At least in my mind that seems to make the most sense. Bare with me, we’ll get caught up!

In the mean time, here’s an update on the reading we should be on:

Thursday, June 6:  Job 17-20
Friday, June 7:  Job 21-23
Saturday, June 8:  Job 24-28
Sunday, June 9:  Job 29-31
Monday, June 10:  Job 32-34
Tuesday, June 11:  Job 35-37
Wednesday, June 12:  Job 38-39
Thursday, June 13:  Job 40-42

Pastor Bailey