Year of Scripture – Day 114

2 Kings 9 – 2 Kings 11

Jehu is appointed King of Israel!
Jezebel dies after being tossed out of the window!
Two great highlights from our reading today.

As the thrones of both Israel and Judah change hands yet again, we encounter the one time, in the nations split history when the kings were nearly from the same linage and family. Let’s not forget that as Solomon strayed from God’s ways, the kingdom was torn in two and Israel was appointed a king that did not come from the linage of King David.

Yet, when Ahaziah of Judah married Athaliah of Israel, the two nations come close to having leaders from the same family when the next generation takes their respective throne. Now I realize that Joash and Jehu are cousins, but this is about as close as it might get. Granted the nations are still at odds with one another, and Joash is only 7 years old as he takes the throne. Yet, still there is hope, and this odd little “semi-reunion” in the family of Abraham.

Not to make things more complicated, because its complicated enough, but here’s a great diagram on the linage of the kings and how they are/are not related to one another.

Pastor Bailey

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