Year of Scripture – Day 113

2 Kings 6 – 2 Kings 8

Here’s another little gem that sits on my bookshelf. It’s the Twible by Jana Riess.

Much like Twitter, Jana has brought humor to the Good Book by summarizing every chapter in the Bible in 140 characters or less. Who would have thought that was possible! Of course there is some modern day ties to help connect us with the greater story. Take for example:

2 Kings 6:
“Elisha’s YouTube videos go viral! But when famine comes and folks eat their own kids, he gets blamed. You can never win.”

2 Kings 7:
“Turnaround! Arameans are set packing; Isr (short for Israel) has plenty to eat; Elisha is back in good graces. Wait, is that the other shoe dropping?”

2 Kings 8:
“Elisha, consulted about an ill king, says in a stage whisper, ‘He’s gonna die, but why tell him?BTW, my fee’s 40 camel-loads of stuff.'”

You have to love Jana’s creativity that helps to keep the story of Israel engaging to read.

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 2 Kings 9-11

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