Year of Scripture – Day 108

1 Kings 15 – 1 Kings 17

As the faithfulness of the kings of Israel and Judah may be called into question, we are introduced to the Prophet Elijah. His story begins, for the most part with the Widow of Zarephath. Think of her faithfulness.

Think of her faithfulness! Here she is ready to go out and collect wood to prepare their final meal , and Elijah has the audacity to ask her to bring him something to eat. If only he knew what torment she must have been going through. Yet, with little hesitation, she goes and does as Elijah asked. Much to her surprise, the jar of oil doesn’t run out. Neither does the meal. God’s goodness provides in their time of need. Not an abundance, but enough to sustain day in and day out. Then when tested further, at her son’s death, with God new life is found.

What a great story to have line up with these days of Holy Week! As we venture to the Cross of Christ, we find death. Yet even in death there is an abundance of God’s grace that is poured out . There is an abundance of love that is freely given. And YES, there is new life found as we anticipate the stone being rolled away once again.

Indeed, for the widow, and for us, there is good news to be found!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 1 Kings 18-20.

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