Year of Scripture – Day 102

1 Kings 1 – 1 Kings 2

The tone is set for the rest of our reading through 1st and 2nd Kings. Scandal, betrayal, back handed demeanor . . . We found that all in these first two chapters, and I suppose we should get used to it, because we are going to see plenty of it.

  • Adonijah tries to take the throne while David is still alive.
  • Bathsheba intervenes and pleas with David.
  • Solomon is appointed as the royal heir.
  • The people rejoice.
  • Adonijah grieves.
  • David gives his final decree to Solomon before he dies.
  • Adonijah plots a scheme to marry, and includes Bathsheba as part of the ploy. This ultimately leads to his death at the hand of Solomon.
  • Solomon “cleans house” and puts to death all those who David had requested, even those who served as David’s right and left hand.

The plot thickens! Can you tell! I promise it will get even better as the rest of the kings unfold.

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 1 Kings 3 – 5

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