Year of Scripture – Day 98

2 Samuel 13 – 2 Samuel 15

Things for King David are going great! The angst experienced by the nation of Israel has come to an end for the most part. The people have a leader they have learned to trust. The aggressors nations that surround Israel have taken note of David’s might and have laid down their arms. The whole world seems to be at peace. Almost . . . .

Except for David’s family. Within the walls of David’s own palace, there is unrest that has lasting consequence!

  • A step brother (Amnon) lust for his step sister (Tamar)
  • Tamar experiences great harm and violation
  • Her natural brother (Absalom) seeks revenge upon his step brother Amnon
  • His revenge turns to shear anger as he kills all of his bothers and step brothers
  • There is exile, banishment, and shame for Absalom
  • While in exile, his angst continues to grow until he tries to over power the throne of his father!

I know my sister and I didn’t always get along, but this is a bit extreme! Why can’t we all just get along!!

Meanwhile, David is forced to live in hiding, spending his days on the run. He now lives in fear. Might I add, again. In many ways this time is not peaceful for David and it is strikingly similar to the early days of David when he lived in fear of Saul. Still, David remains faithful. You’ve got to give him credit for that! If only we could be as faithful!

If there is anything to take away from today’s reading it would be this. Together, we realize how fragile family relationship really are and that power, whether physical or emotional, has the potential to destroy the strongest of relationships, even that of the greatest king!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 2 Samuel 16 – 18

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