Year of Scripture – Days 82 & 83

Judges 13 – Judges 15
Judges 16 – Judges 18

I didn’t post yesterday, because these two readings really go hand in hand as we encounter the story of Sampson.

Most of us might remember this story from our childhood days. He’s the great mighty warrior who took down the Philistines as he pushed down the pillars of the temple. As a child, he’s the hero, and his strength unimaginable. For there is no one greater than Samson!

Yet, as we read through God’s story this time, I took note of Samson’s weakness. And what was his weakness? Women. Over and over again, he is seduced to give us his secretes.

He is seduced by his wife (14:15-17) as he gave up the answer to his riddle after being questioned over and over, and her pleading “You hate me; you don’t really love me. You have asked a riddle of my people, bu you have not explained it to me.”

Later he is seduced by Delilah, as she longs to find out where his strength comes from. Repeatedly she questions. Repeatedly she trying to figure it out. Repeatedly she tries various ways of restraining him. Each one fails. Although, each one brings him close to giving up his secrets, until he eventually he tells her, his strength lies in his uncut hair.

One would think that by no Samson would have figured out what Delilah was up to. Oh, how blind we are to the power of love.

In the end, I won’t look at Sampson quite the same. Strong and mighty . . . sure. But weak in heart!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Judges 19 – 21

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