Year of Scripture – Day 79

Joshua 6 – Joshua 7

How do you drink?

Seems like and odd question, I know! Yet, I’m not referring to what do you drink, or whether or not you like your drinks lukewarm or ice cold. The question is written as it is intended to be asked . . . how do you drink?

Now the easy answer is with cup. Yet, for the sake of reflection, remove the utensil you are using to take a drink. That’s right no straw, no cup, bowl, or anything else, its just you and some long awaited H20. Now how do you take a drink?

As a kid I can remember sticking my head under the spout to the kitchen sink. I can even remember trying to aim the spout from the refrigerator button right to my mouth when mom wasn’t looking. Other times it was outside with the hose, held high on a hot summer day. Either way, it was water to mouth, not utensils needed.

This is where we find Gideon and God in the book of Judges. Gideon has drawn an army to battle the Midianites. Its a mighty army 32,000 strong. God simply says it’s too many people, giving the implication to Gideon, the people will not believe in God’s divine guidance and protection with an army like that, you must make it smaller. After dwindling things down to 10,000, God says that’s still too many, go and make them drink and watch how they do it.

In the most unusual of ways, 300 men lap the water like a dog. These are the ones selected. These are the ones who defeat the Midianites. Unusual, I know, yet with God all things are possible.

So how do you drink? Me, I’m a slurper!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading Joshua 8 – 9.

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