Year of Scripture – Days 75 & 76

Joshua 19 – Joshua 21
Joshua 22 – Joshua 24

And so our reading through the book of Joshua comes to a close . . . with that, Joshua’s life. It is time for another transition.

As we quietly lament another great leader of Israel, I’m amazed at the richness of the text as it recalls the names and places of burial for many in the Israelite’s story.

Joseph . . . buried at Shechem.
Eleazar . . . buried at Gibeah.
Joshua . . . buried at Timnath-serah.

In each of these burials there is tradition. There is honor. There is respect. These are the names of those dear to us, and the place where we go to remember them. Its not much different from visiting the cemetery to spend some time in conversation with our parents and grandparents who have gone before us. Again, there his tradition, honor, and respect.

It makes me wonder how I’ll be remembered, especially since I hope that my ashes might be scattered to the wind? No place to go. No place to gather. I may be remembered, but for how long? Then in the end, does it really matter, for as Kansas once sang, “All we are is dust in the wind.”

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Judges 1-2

ps: Fair warning as we begin Judges. This was passed on my my Bishop, Daniel Beaudoin, who has encouraged all of us to take on this Year of Scripture:

This morning we started the Book of Judges, and I know what’s coming. The Book of Judges is a violent book full of troubling and tragic tales. I’d like to skip the Book of Judges and move right into the Book of Ruth. But I can’t and I won’t.

I hope that you will remain a faithful reader, like I’m trying to be! PB

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