Year of Scripture – Day 66

Deuteronomy 24 – Deuteronomy 27

Today is March 8, 2019 also know as International Women’s Day. If I could figure out how, I’d change all my text to purple, but I can’t so I didn’t. Never the less, the thought is there. Just as much as the Spirit was leading and guiding us to this text as many lift up International Women’s Day.

It might not seem like much, but as Moses is giving his farewell speech to the people, women are given some rights! How about that! Perhaps it is more in the line of protection and well being, but still, its there. We see it in 24:1-5 and again in the curses of 27:15-26. Repeatedly, we see something to the effect of, “if a man does to a woman . . .” and the punishment or curse is directed back to the man.

Considering women weren’t considered much more of value than a servant or a slave, this is a huge step. One worthy of pondering as we reflect today some 3500 years later. Definitely progress has been made and of course there’s still plenty of room for progress, even today. But who would have thought, we could trace some rights and respect for all the women in our lives, all the way back to Moses!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Deuteronomy 28 – 29

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