Year of Scripture – Day 56

Numbers 33 – Numbers 34

Growing up my sister and I often found ourselves raiding Dad’s workbench in search of a roll of masking tape. Of course this was back in the days before blue painters tape was around, so the good old light brown roll of masking tape was our sought after treasure. Now, I’ll have to admit, you should use the word “treasure” pretty loosely, because it wasn’t a treasure at all. It was a line of defense! When one of us wasn’t getting along with the other, the roll of masking tape came out and it was stretched from one end of our play room to the other. “This is my side!” “That’s your side!” Often we’d pen each other in, so they couldn’t cross over to the door, without some consequence. In the end, there was more than once that my braces ended up stuck in the carpet, or that my sister ended up with stitches. We were tough on each other, yet we still did (and do) love each other dearly. Still, the masking tape would come out to draw a border between us.

As God speaks to the Israelites and they prepare to cross the River Jordan, I was reminded of Dad’s roll of masking tape. The borders are drawn for the Israelites as they are about to enter the Promised Land. North, South, East, West. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. From the wadi of Egypt to Hazar-enan. This shall be your land. This is the land promised. This is the land dreamed of. This is the land you have waited to inherit. With God’s guidance, the masking tape is stretched out, and a place to call their own will soon be upon them.

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Numbers 35 – 36

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