Year of Scripture – Days 52 & 53

Numbers – 23 – Numbers 25
Numbers 26 – Numbers 27

Balaam speaks! I love this part! He was hired to speak a curse on to the Israelites, and what happens instead? He speaks a blessing upon them.

Not once . . . but three different times.

Three different times Balak takes Balaam to a new location where the people of Israel can be seen in the distance. Each time he’s asked to curse the enemy. Filled with the Spirit, he cannot do such a thing. What an honor to speak the blessings of God!

If only we would be able to do the same! Oh wait, we can! We can always speak blessings. Think of how things might change if we simply took on the pledge to lift up God’s name in prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. Imagine, living according to the Second Commandment, not to take God’s name in vain. Imagine, a world where we no longer hear “Oh my G – O – D” used when we stub our toe, get excited, get ticked off, and on the list could go. Every time we speak it, every time we abuse it, every time we cry out in profane ways, we curse the name of God. Yet, we are called to something much greater. We are called to lift up God’s name in the most holy and precious of ways. For it is a name that is above all names. Balaam knew that. You and I know it. Now lets live like it!

Then we are onto the closing census. Much like the beginning of numbers, a census it taken at the end of their exile in the wilderness. Those forty years went fast didn’t they? As every head is counted, we realized that the Promised Land isn’t too far away. Don’t get too excited, we still have all of Deuteronomy yet to read as Moses gives his final speech to the people. But, the land flowing with milk and honey is coming soon! Hopefully, by the time we get there, we’ll have something good to say about our maker and redeemer!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Numbers 28 – 30

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