Year of Scripture – Day 45

Numbers 7

That was one heck of a party! Twelve days of sacrifices! Twelve days of feasting! For each day:

  • One young bull
  • One ram
  • One lamb
  • One goat

All of these were sacrificed in thanksgiving or as a sin offering.

Then there was more:

  • Two oxen
  • Five rams
  • Five goats
  • Five lambs

All of these were offered as a Fellowship Offering. Which, if we remember back to our readings in Leviticus, these were presented at the Tabernacle and then returned to the family (or in this case the entire tribe) for a family celebration.

All in all, as the Tabernacle is dedicated, there was one heck of a party!

Party on!
Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Numbers 8-10