Year of Scripture – Day 35

Leviticus 11 – Leviticus 13

So much for enjoying lobster, crab, shrimp, bacon, and camel! Guess if we are going to live according to the Levitical Law, we’d have to strike all of those off of our favorite food list. Not that too many of us enjoy camel. Although, the last time I looked at a camel’s toe, I was pretty sure it had two parts. Add to that rock badger and bat, sounds like some pretty good eats to me???

Humor and diet aside, as we turn to these chapters in Leviticus we see that the ordinances of God now have a practical implication for the people. Essentially, God is saying, “If you are going to be my holy/chosen people . . . this is how you should live.” Then, God also recognizes that there will be times when we may find that we are less than holy, or to use better terms “unpure” or “unclean.” According to these chapters in Leviticus, we would become unclean when:

  • We touch something that has died.
  • We tough something that is designated as unclean.
  • We give birth.
  • We have a sore, blemish, or other type of rash/wound on our skin
  • And on the list could go, but we’d be getting into the next section to read (Leviticus 14 – 15).

As we read the list of ways to become “unclean”, notice that there isn’t penalty or death. God realizes that things happen. God than establishes a way for the people to restore the holy/clean nature God intended. This is done through the passage of time, bathing, sacrifice, or some combination of all the above. Very rarely did uncleanliness lead to banishment or death. Indeed God is gracious!

Lastly, as a pastor, I can’t help but think of the priest. Aaron and his sons, still newly ordained, now find that they are supposed to be: dietitians, OBGYNs, and dermatologists. I believe, if that were the case for me, I would be looking for a different calling.

Pastor Bailey

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