Year of Scripture- Day 21

Exodus 10 – Exodus 12

The plagues come to an end, but at great cost for the people of Egypt. Imagine with me being an Egyptian, suffering through plague after plague then to wake up one morning to find everyone dead. At least that’s how it would be from the perspective of my youngest son, everyone in our family struck down, everyone but him.

  • Me, I’m a first born. I’d be dead.
  • My wife, a first born. She’d be dead.
  • Our oldest, obviously a first born. Dead as well.

Depressing, isn’t it? Absolutely!

Yet, for the people of Israel, this is God at work. This is God, revealing signs of power and might. This is God setting the people free. For the people of Israel, this is redemption, this is freedom, this is a new beginning!

Exciting, isn’t it! Most definitely!

After 430 years in Egypt, now it is time to inherit the Promised Land. Together let’s read on to see what happens next. On to Exodus 13 – 15.

Pastor Bailey

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