Year of Scripture – Day 11

Genesis 31 – Genesis 34

Today, is our oldest’s son’s birthday! Happy Birthday John! Maybe its fitting that today’s reading focuses on brotherly love! Having two boys in our house we know all about that. Sometimes, they love each other very much. Sometimes, they are the worst of enemies. In the end, they mutually respect, love each other, and get along really well. Thanks be to God for that!

Jacob and Esau are much the same. Full of brotherly love! If we remember back to chapter 28, Jacob ran away to live in fear that Esau would be out to get him for tricking him out of his birthright. Now as Jacob is about to come home, he sends gifts to Esau to soften his return. Much to our surprise, there is no malice, no spite, no rejection, no hatred. Jacob is welcomed home to a loving embrace. A true model of brotherly love!

Now on to read, Genesis 35 – 37.

Pastor Bailey

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