Year of Scripture – Day 9

Genesis 27 – Genesis 29

First and foremost, we had a great small group conversation last night. Many thanks to those who came out to share in this journey with me. One little gem that I shared with the group was a video from . If you are interested check out the video here . Together we watched the “Read Scripture, part 1” and it was a great summary of the first 11 chapters. Next week, we’ll look at part 2 as we finish up our journey through Genesis.

In last night’s reading, we moved into the stories of Jacob. The childhood song, “We are climbing, Jacob’s ladder” may have come to mind as you read about Jacob’s dream at Bethel. What a vision that must have been for him! I’m not sure if I would have been overjoyed or terrified! Then we are on to the story of Jacob and Rachel. Jacob meets Laban, and agrees to seven years of labor for the one he loved. Finally, when the time comes, Jacob head over heals in love, only to realize that he had been shared the wedding tent with the wrong sister. How could you not have known? A week later, Jacob is married again, this time to Rachel, only to serve Laban for seven more years. Oh the cost of love!

More to share tomorrow as we read on to Genesis 30 & 31.

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