A nation of equality

If the past 2 months living under the restrictions of Covid haven’t been challenging enough . . . the past two weeks and our nation’s response to racial injustice have reshaped the world.  As Christians, I pray that you would recall the gross act of injustice that has taken place and that you would be a voice of peace, love, and equality for all people.  I am reminded of the old Sunday School Song.  “Red, and Yellow, Black, and White, We are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.” 

Perhaps what is amazing about the words of that song is that we, as white Christian Americans, are named last. Red, Yellow, Black, White, they are precious in his sight!  We are all loved, we are all created equal, we all deserve the same privileges and respect that you and I have come to take for granted.  I pray that you would be mindful of that, and that you would be a worker in the Kingdom of God for fairness and equality to all people.

As a world united in prayer and hope, I invite you to listen to the sermon from Elizabeth Eaton, the Presiding Bishop of the ELCA.