Happy New Year!

We made it to 2020! Honestly, I’m still waiting for the day when we are living like the Jetson’s. In my youth, watching the morning cartoons, I thought maybe by 2020 we’d be there. Great stuff of dreams, and my son said, “Dad that’s for 2100.” I’ll never see it, but maybe his dreams will come true!

So as we start a new year together, what is the biggest news? We made it through a Year of Scripture! I know Christmas got me bogged down and I didn’t finish posting but I will, I promise. Even though I didn’t blog every day, I made time to open my app and share my own personal time of reflection with God. I even took a screen shot to show a perfect streak! And the verse for the day, seemed fitting. “Everything beautiful.”

So the question is now what? We’ll I’m hoping to do a few different things.

One . . . to keep up with my daily reading. The You Version App has plenty of different reading plans, which Wendy and I are going to pick and share together. Right now we are working on a six day plan on “Making a better us.” Hopefully, together we can continue to read and grow in love and relationship with one another and with God.
Two – I’m hoping to keep up with my Blog, and to use is as a sermon summary, or sermon starter. I Know many of you faithful readers aren’t here on Sunday and may appreciate so of my “other thoughts” that go in to Sunday’s Message. Perhaps it will be a good Sunday – Monday connection that we all need.

In the mean time, I’m going to finish sharing my thoughts on the last few books of the New Testament and close out the Year of Scripture. Then we’ll see how the Sunday Connection thing shakes out.

Pastor Bailey